WMS and IT & Business Solution

Elevate Your Business Potential with Standardized Information Technology

with logistics planning services and effectively manage the supply chain.

At Whale Logistics Group, we have developed a Warehouse Management System (WMS) for warehouse management for production planning, and control. This system also includes planning transportation and product distribution to align with customer needs while enabling efficient product tracking within each business. We are committed to offering the best and most suitable solutions to efficiently, safely, quickly, and reliably manage the logistics process for our custom

Benefits of Using the WMS Program:

  • Reducing errors in data entry.
  • Optimizing warehouse space utilization.
  • Minimizing duplication in order picking.

Our Services

  • Customized solutions to your business objective and specific needs.
  • Strategic planning service products storage and products.
  • RF barcode scanning services.
  • Management services and issuance of return documents.
  • Inventory counting services