Stevedore Service

Whale Stevedore Service offers complete port cargo handling solutions,

including Automotive Cargo, Project Cargo, and General Cargo loading and services.

We offer a dedicated workforce of skilled labor and specialized technicians proficient in the efficient loading and unloading of goods, whether onboard ships or onshore. From automobiles, steel, copper, to large cargoes, including agricultural products like flour, rice, sugar, and rubber, you can trust that your product transportation is in the hands of experienced professionals. Equipped with specialized tools, they excel in meticulous planning and proactive situational assessments, ensuring swift operations. Our skilled personnel are always ready to handle your project with safety and efficiency, catering to customer needs.

Our services

  • Labor services for loading and transporting general goods and bulk goods.
  • Labor services for loading and transporting large goods and has a lot of weight
  • Labor services for loading and transporting goods in vehicles