Transport & Distribution Service

Whale Transport Group is your go-to provider for truck and trailer

transportation services with a fleet of over 500 vehicles.

     We have 4-wheel pickup trucks, 6-wheel trucks, 10-wheel trucks, 18-wheel trucks, Car Carriers, and Side Curtains, we offer diverse and reliable options to meet all your transportation needs.

At Whale Transport Group, our dedicated professionals prioritize transportation excellence, covering land, air, and sea routes across key regions. We ensure safe, timely, and efficient product shipment, while continuously enhancing our transportation system to instill trust and confidence in our services.

Our services

  • Domestic Shipping Service
  • Cross-border Shipping Service
  • Security Consulting Service
  • Car inspection service and drivers to meet international standards.
  • GPS system to track the status of deliveries 24 hours a day.
  • Real time control system and tracking the shipment status.